Desserts Menu

  • Chocolate and Peanut Brownie

    Whipped Salted Caramel, Chocolate Raisins and Milk Sorbet


  • Coconut Panna Cotta

    Pineapple and Chilli Salsa, Roasted Pineapple, Coriander and Brown Bread Ice Cream


  • Cappuccino Brûlée

    Custard Doughnut, Hazelnut and Milk Foam


  • Green Tea

    Miso Pot Cream, Green Tea Crumb, Kumquat Marmalade and Blood Peach Sorbet


  • Tastes of Citrus

    Lime Posset, Grapefruit Sorbet, lemon Macaroon, Raspberry and Spiced Popcorn


  • Local & International Cheese & Biscuits

    Grapes & Chutney


  • Cherry Mousse

    Rum Ice Cream, Vanilla and Cherry Jelly, Cola Syrup, Lime Marshmallows and Sherbet


  • Cheese Platter for Two

    Chef’s Selection of 10 Local and International Cheeses with Biscuits, Grapes and Chutney


  • Tea/Coffee and Petit Fours

    Your choice of Tea or Coffee, served with Chef’s Selection of Homemade Petit Fours