Our Story

La Réunion was a 36-gun French warship which was launched in 1786. During the French Revolutionary Wars she was stationed at Cherbourg, and was successfully employed harassing British merchant shipping in the English Channel.

Set in one of the most spectacular parts of the island, La Reunion offers superb food using the freshest local ingredients and making best use of Guernsey’s globally-acclaimed crab, scallops and fish.

The restaurant is named in honour of 18th century naval hero Admiral James de Saumarez who captured La Réunion off the Cotentin Peninsula whilst at the helm of the British Frigate HMS Crescent. Saumarez was knighted by King George III. Renamed HMS Reunion, she served for three years in the Royal Navy helping to counter the threat from the new Batavian Navy.

The restaurant was designed by local resident Michele Hilton, who was born in New York and who has lived in several major cities, from where she obtains inspiration. La Reunion’s design makes best use of the open skies, seascapes and stunning sunsets of Cobo. The contemporary design concept focuses on friendly rather than formal, celebrating the buildings’ Victorian heritage with a mix of classic finishes, modern furnishings and a hint of glamour, all focussed on the natural elements which are framed by the incredible view.

The light and spacious restaurant also includes sunny terrace overlooking the bay and a private dining area. The restaurant is home to a stunning cocktail bar which is a popular destination in its own right. Whether you are popping in for a bowl of moules frites at the end of a day on the beach, or want somewhere to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner with friends or family, La Reunion’s varied menu and fantastic location is an ideal choice.